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Call Center Training

The call centre exists to position your business as being customer-centric. As such, adequate attention must be given to the success of a call centre within an organisation. Asides from customer relationship management software, the call centre needs skilled agents or representatives who can portray the values of the company and appreciate customers whenever they call in.

Workshop Objectives:

·         Provide better customer service.

·         Identify the rudiments of a successful interaction.

·         Develop good telephone communication etiquette.

·         Manage difficult callers and calls.

·         Document conversations and transfer calls.

Evaluating metrics and coaching are also used to make sure the participants are reaching their potential, and to keep their skill-set at a high level.

Event Date: 23rd February

Event Period: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Online via Zoom: ₦10,000 (per Participant) 

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