About Us

Who We Are

Allied Educational Resources Limited is a cost-effective, results-oriented learning resource center. Using the latest technology and global resources, we provide affordable training, education, and consulting solutions, delivering astonishing results to businesses, organizations, and individuals in the shortest possible time.

Our advantage

The result of our training programs are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals and well oiled organizations that adds value to the stakeholders. All of these achieved at competitive costs

Our mission

Research shows personal and professional development through effective training leads to higher competencies. As a result, our programs are designed to empower participants to lead fulfilling careers.

Reasons you will love us

History of success

Our track record of addressing learning challenges success spans over 2 decades

Excellent Facilitators

We employ only the best in their respective fields as teachers & facilitators

Relevant Programs

We provide professional programs to move your career to the next level

Affordable Costs

Our quality to cost ratio is amongst the highest in the industry

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