Training in June 2020

Exclusive Business Survival and Adaptability Workshop

If you are like many Business Managers, you’re probably struggling to put in the appropriate business structures and processes to allow efficient team collaborations increase individual output or desperately pushing to align marketing activities with sales efforts and achieving little success. Generating sales, deploying effective Marketing and creating efficient operational processes were identified as the …

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Telework and Telecommuting Workshop

Working in a home office requires a unique set of skills. Teleworkers or virtual employees have additional challenges created by not being in a centralized office. Communication issues alone make it a challenging job, and recognizing these challenges will help your participants become great teleworkers. Through Telework And Telecommuting your employees will see a great …

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Motivating Your Sales Team Workshop

Everyone can always use some inspiration and motivation. This workshop will help your participant’s target the unique ways each team member is motivated. Finding the right incentive for each member of your sales team is important as motivation works best when it is developed internally. Harness this through better communication, mentoring, and developing the right …

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